About Us

To empower our clients in effectively traversing their
Digital Transformation Journey through well-informed acquisition, seamless adoption, and meaningful engagement.

With a focus on customer success, CloudHop empowers organizations to harness the power of valuable insights hidden in their data.

The Vision

Our vision is to offer unparalleled technological experiences to our customers throughout their journey.

Customer centric approach

This value encompasses being accountable, transparent, trusted, and reliable, while prioritizing the needs of customers and building trust with them.


This value represents the commitment to staying innovative, keeping up with the latest technology trends, and constantly improving services to stay ahead in the competitive industry.

Fun and respectful workplace

This value combines the importance of a family-like culture, fostering respect and positivity, and maintaining an enjoyable work environment that encourages creativity and productivity.

Keval Shah

Founder & CEO

CloudHop’s visionary CEO, blends innovation and leadership, propelling companies to new heights with strategic acumen and dynamic guidance.

Lisa Keya

General Manager - Operations

With strategic leadership and exceptional organizational skills, Lisa ensures smooth and efficient company operations, steering us toward continued excellence

Lilian Mwangi

Management Accountant

Detail oriented Management Accountant, brings financial clarity through precise analysis, aiding informed decisions with her diligent expertise.

Peter Kane

Team Leader - Deployment & Support

One of CloudHop tech guru’s, ensures seamless IT solution implementation through strategic leadership and reliable expertise.

Brands We Represent

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