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When we were setting up our company, one thing that was paramount to us is reliable and safe communications system. Cloudhop not only gave us a solution, but they supported us through set-up and trained our team. One thing I like about our e-mail set-up is its versatility. We can customise and personalise out emails with ease. We also have a 3 point verification system which ensures security of company information. Cloudhop has a very effective support team and support turnaround is very fast. We have never experienced downtime since we switched to them and would recommend them to any company that seeks an effective and efficient ICT support.

Anne Murungi
MD, Hospitality Consult

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Cloud Hop has been a great partner in migrating our mail system to the cloud where availability is 100% 24X7. The product service has been excellent and I can attest that service delivery is prompt. I have no reservations recommending Cloud Hop Ltd to any other organization.

Philip Chemwetich
ICT Manager, Kenya Seed Co Ltd

I faced email issue for long, but since i joined to Google Apps and G-Suite service from CloudHop i forgot about staff complaints. Furthermore, i have enough email storage and i have no fear about losing my emails. I can lost my pc but not my data.

Gideon Mwasabwite
IT Expert, Sumaria Group Tanzania Limited

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It’s easy to use and you can add, delete and edit any and all users that are within the company with a few simple clicks. Our company uses the G Suite business e-mails as terms of communicating faster. It’s very reliable. My company also uses the calendar app which is really useful for meetings and set information since it can be shared with everyone within the company. Google Drive is really good for sending documents and important information because it stores it into the drive for the company. Anyone can access it which saves time and effort with the search bar. Google Docs and Google Sheets are amazing for organizing information for meetings and casting calls. It’s a simple way to leave notes where anyone can go in and view and/or edit the documents. These documents are also automatically saved in the Google Drive. Hangouts is nice when you’re not in the same town but need to have a company meeting. Everyone can be in the conference call and it’s hassle free. They also give you a full month of a free trial with everything before you have to pay, which is nice for businesses starting out.

Sajid Khan
Manager ICT, First Housing Finance (Tanzania) Limited

The use of Google products in our organization has transformed how we work.  Setup, Implementation and Support was smooth. With support from CloudHop, who are right there when we need them, we’ve re-discovered how fun work can be for everyone with the use of Google tools.

Obed Mwangi
IT and Training Coordinator, Rivercross Tracking Limited

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Previous service provider switched servers and since then there were email server management issues, outages, also poor user experience with mail client software, and the ability to use basic calendar functions seamlessly was lost.

The anticipated headache and pain of migrating service providers was all taken care of by the team of experts at CloudHop. They liaised with the previous provider on my behalf and guided me through the migration at the time I wanted. The ease of use and reliability of the services has improved to the point where I cannot recall an issue since switching to CloudHop. Furthermore, the user experience has improved vastly and ability to use calendar functions easily via a good choice of integrations makes scheduling easy as opposed to a hinderance.

If I had to pick one thing it’s that CloudHop has the expertise to effectively manage my expectations.

Rehaan Mir
Director, Carlton Reece

Cloud hop has been a great partner for over 3 years.  I have found them engaged, have given quick responses and have tenaciously work through any queries or challenges I have had.

Andrew Soper
Director, Power Control Ltd

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