Managed Cloud Backup and Business Continuity

Data is one of the most important assets a company has.
We enable organizations put in place Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery strategies that enable them to get back on their feet after problems occur, reduce the risk of data loss and reputational harm, and improve operations while decreasing the chance of emergencies.
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We are committed to delivering industry leading data protection through Backup and Disaster Recovery. Whatever your data, whatever your environment, we’ve got you covered.
Our Services include:
  • Managed Backup Services:
    We provide our clients with solutions that give them comprehensive, cloud-based data protection of SaaS applications, endpoint devices, and servers by removing the barriers and complexity of secure, offsite data storage, and standby infrastructure for real-time disaster recovery
SAAS Backups:

As organisations deploy more SaaS applications for collaboration and critical business activities, managing and protecting cloud-based data becomes increasingly important.

Endpoint Backups:

With growing remote workforces, increasing threats of ransomware, and expanding compliance needs, the risk to endpoints (laptops, desktops, and mobile devices) has never been higher. Every company needs a secure, simple to configure, and easy to manage endpoint data protection solution

  • Managed Disaster Recovery:
    We offer clients a hybrid cloud disaster recovery solution that helps mitigate the downtime caused by server crashes, ransomware attacks, or natural disasters. Whether server crash, human error, malicious activity, or natural disaster, a localized or site-wide incident means unanticipated costs or unplanned downtime – both that come with a price! Offsite data backup is simply not enough – data does not operate by itself. To keep your business running, the critical servers and business processes that manage your data must also be recovered.
Benefits include
  • Fast Return to Operability
  • DR Testing Confidence
  • Management Peace Of Mind
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