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Rocketseed is an email branding and email marketing application. Add your company branding to all your outgoing emails. Market your products and services in all your emails using Rocketseed’s customizable banners.

  • Branding Consistency – Keep your brand’s look and feel the same across all emails and devices with instant updates and central control of banner branding and messaging.
  • Campaign Impressions – Turn every email into an opportunity. Send marketing messages into every email to extend the reach of your campaigns.
  • Banner Exposure and Rotational Control – Rocketseed offers full control over the rotation, frequency and targeting of banners it places in emails. Multiple campaigns can be applied on rotation, with the option to prioritize key campaigns.
  • Drive Qualified Leads – Deliver targeted messaging, up- or cross-selling the latest product or solution to existing customers. These clicks are all tracked and can be viewed in our reporting system, or pushed into your CRM as new leads.
  • Image Maps Support – Your email banners can be used for rating scales, mini-surveys, and calls-to-action.
  • Segmentation and Automation – Present different messages to different customers based on their activity. Banner campaigns can be applied depending on who is sending or receiving the email, and what the recipient’s actions are, enabling you to target customers with follow-on messages.
  • Real-Time Reporting – Track every clicked brand link in real time, providing live data and detailed visibility, from how many emails your business sends, to which campaigns your customers are clicking.
  • Email Signatures – Create, design, manage and control professional email signatures with a few clicks. Each department, region or even individual in your business can have a totally different look and feel with custom templates, signatures or disclaimers.