Actimo is a mobile-first, interactive engagement platform that bridges the gap between managers and employees. Onboard, train and manage the performance of your employees in real time.


  • Communicate with your organization – Connect with your workforce wherever they are by creating, sending, and tracking messages in real time.
  • Drive performance – Provide your workforce with insights into their individual activity and knowledge levels by setting individual and team KPIs. Nudge action and let your employees help themselves and spike performance.
  • Get feedback – Make informed decisions based on real-time feedback from your employees by sending out mobile-ready surveys and live polls.
  • Performance support – Provide access to company material at any time, on any device; Categorize checklists, manuals, and playbooks; and, Make any document or media available with free-text search.
  • Insights – Keep your finger on the pulse with unparalleled insights that enable you to impact employee performance, align KPIs, predict development, and turn data into action and timely feedback.
  • Training – Close the knowledge gaps and accelerate time to productivity with automated onboarding, step-by-step microlearning, and gamification delivered at the right time, on the devices your teams use every day.
  • Onboarding – Get all your new hires set up for success with one-to-many training, no matter the timezone or location. Add rich media, personalize training, and segment audiences by groups, departments, and stages.
  • Structure learning tracks – Build knowledge over time by equipping your staff with the right training at every step by creating custom modules, enabling self-paced learning and scheduling training reruns.
  • Gamification – Improve knowledge retention by creating a unique experience with quizzes and gamified activities. Rank success with points, badges and leaderboards, and run internal contests to spark friendly competition.