Freshchat is a live chat application that enables businesses to convert website visitors into customers.


  • A continuous, familiar messaging experience – Categorize conversations into topic-based message channels. Filter conversations by team members, groups, and message channels, and save the views you access frequently.
  • Engage when it matters the most and automate your lead capture – Learn the what, where, and how of your website visitors by recording events (e.g. page visited, report downloaded, etc.). Group your leads and customers based on geography, event history, or product stage. Use advanced event and attribute based targeting to send them the right message at the right moment. Generate leads even when your team is offline.
  • Auto-assign the right conversation to the right team member – Auto-assign conversations to team members, according to their groups, and based on their current load and skill levels. Assign conversations based on pre-set conditions like chat keywords, language, user properties, time of day, and more.
  • Help visitors find solutions from inside the messenger – Deflect common queries with an integrated FAQ browse and search experience. Gather feedback with an easy upvote or downvote on FAQ content.
  • Automate tasks – Set up pre-formatted responses to common queries. Track and categorize conversations by adding labels to them. Alert and notify both visitors and team members of messages when they are inactive or have navigated to other pages. Let your visitors know when you are offline by setting up automated messages.
  • Metrics in real-time – Measure speed of response, conversation trends, resolution time, and team member performance. Keep track of conversation volume across different times of the day and compare it with metrics from the previous week to understand trends. Gather customer satisfaction ratings.